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21 February 2009

Fun with Jasmine Star + her posse in Vegas!!

Ever since I met photographer and super sweetheart Jasmine Star at WPPI in Las Vegas a couple years ago I have been a loyal blog stalker of hers. I adore her and I am constantly wowed and inspired by her work/art. I don't always have time to post a comment (and she'd probably get tired of my gushing anyway!) but the second I saw THIS POST I knew I had to write! So it was a wonderful surprise to see THIS POST a few days later!!
I knew the biggest challenge of the shoot would be meeting up on Tuesday morning at 6:45. It's not that it's so early for an east coast gal, but Monday night was jammed packed with fun parties (that post later.) In fact, I rolled into bed at 2am Tuesday morning. I was so terrified of missing the alarm that I didn't sleep a wink!! Fortunately, I was just in time and Jasmine greeted me with a big cheerful hello. Of course she did...she is that sweet!! : )

Here are some of my favorites from our morning together.....

**Since this was one of my first times since my November shoulder surgery holding a real camera (my new Canon 5D Mark II), I opted for a light lens, the 50 f/1.2**

Jasmine + her darling hubby JD
Jasmine + yours truly. : )

Jasmine posted a few highlights from the shoot on her blog.

A HUGE THANKS to our amazing models Jaclyn + Mark for flying all the way from Kansas to take part in this experience!! Jaclyn is a photographer too (check out her blog HERE!) and she and Mark didn't have any photos of them together. Now they'll have photos coming out of their ears!!

But most of all THANK YOU JASMINE for sharing your smile, laughter, and amazing gift with all of us!! oxox

P.S. Jasmine's full blog post on the shoot is HERE!!

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