Incredible Wedding Photography

14 April 2008

New Skills

I’m happy to be home from a week at the New England Institute of Professional Photograhers. I studied under Hanson Fong, “the king” of classic portrait and wedding photography based out of San Francisco. While my style is very different than his, I learned a ton and I’m excited about the quickly approaching wedding season, so I can practice my new skills in making everyone look fabulous in lightning fast speed.
My class was big, so while we had a couple shooting sessions with local models, I wasn’t really in paparazzi mode to fight for a spot at the front. I hung back, listened and documented a bit.
After classes I had fun with friends and met so many new friends. It was a great week!!

All week long...Hanson preached...
Hanson prayed...
Hanson pulled his hair out...
and eventually we learned a few things about posing...
or did we??? ("dad" is John and "mom" is Sarah)
my class hard at work...
my pal, Roger, poses with the bride. He did a killer Hanson impression the night we honored our teacher.
Hanson was just telling us to use a hood to prevent lens flair from happening. Am I so wrong to like rainbows?
marvelous Marlene
comic relief
Hanson demonstrates the beauty of window light
everyone was busy practicing with the window light and all I could see was the potential for this...
the pretty bride
John in the background made this shot an award winner.
I met smiley Tom at a NEIPP class several years ago.
impressionism? nope..just daffodills reflecting in the car window.
star shooter Andrea
Andrea and moi
down by the beach
There would be more party pix, but my point-n-shoot battery died after 5 minutes. bummer.
Elise, Amber and Kevin
the remains of an action-packed Corona
me and Mr. Kubota
back to work...
spring is springing
My super pal from class: Judith
The 3 Stoogettes: me, Andrea and Barrie
My sweetheart daughter made this card for me when I returned! xo