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07 April 2007

Happy Easter!

I love life in Vermont, but I can't help but feel a bit nostalgic for California each year at Easter time. I fondly remember the sweet scent of spring blossoms, bright green grass and blue skies with puffy white clouds.

But what Vermont lacks in the perfect weather department it makes up for in the community spirit. Each year on the day before Easter, our little town has the cutest egg hunt at 9am sharp at the town green. Frigid temperatures, snow or rain don't keep hundreds of kids and their families from showing up with baskets and big smiles on rosy faces. This morning it was 27 degrees. Can you say burrrrr?

It gets pretty competitive out there with all of the big fast kids, so Baxter was a little stressed about finding enough eggs. Fortunately, he's as quick as lightning so he did well. Summer, on the other hand only gathered two eggs, but she wasn't disappointed because she found an egg with a golden seal, so she won an enormous basket! It was half her size!

After thawing out from our egg-cellent adventure we had some fun coloring eggs.

Enjoy some photos taken by me and Andy from our fun family day!

Happy Easter!

I adopted the tradition of creating a Paas boom or Easter tree while living in Belgium.
Summer watches while Baxter applies glitter to his egg.

A special egg just for Daddy!

Fortunately, the kids saved me an egg to decorate.

Baxter's shows me his Ninja moves with a baton that came with Summer's prize winning cheerleader-theme basket from the morning hunt.

They're off!

Lookie, Summer found an egg with a golden seal! Lucky girl!
Our neighbor, Lucas, and Andy being goofy under the watchful eye of Williston's finest. I suppose egg gathering kids could potentially get a little out of control (?) Or maybe he was more concerned about the parents whose kids didn't gather enough eggs! ;-)
Is the bunny safe with lions running around??

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